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Expert-led classes, Mind/Body/Spirit Workshops | Yoga, Tai Chi and Health Coaching 

Individual Classes

Hemp 101 Class – Using and Understanding Hemp Extract

Hemp aka-CBD- What? Why? How?
Join us for our Hemp101 Class and Q&A! Renowned Health Coach and Fine + Well owner Carlene Saelg will provide clear perspective on all things hemp and will answer all of the questions you’ve been wanting to ask. If you’ve been wanting to switch to a natural lifestyle, this class is for you!

DATE: Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 | 6:30-7:30 pm
Date: March 28th 2020 | 2:00- 3:00pm

Cost: Free Use Coupon Code: FREE101

Cellular Activation Class and Bio-Hacking

We’re using a groundbreaking new science called Nutrigenomics to help people biohack a healthier life. By studying the effects of nutrients and natural compounds on our genes, we’re using scientifically-backed products that support cognitive health and promote healthy aging on the cellular level.

Our Nutrigenomic products support the body’s natural cellular function by targeting the main biochemical effects of aging, issues like oxidative stress, natural mitochondrial deterioration and more by awakening your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself on a massive scale!

DATE: Saturday, February 15th, 2020 | 2:00 pm

Cost $15

Tai Chi and Yoga Classes | Drop-In Only $15

McKinney’s ONLY Tai Chi Classes Taught by World Class Instructors From Cheng Ming USA! 
Yoga and Exclusive Mind/Body/Spirit Special Events at Affordable Prices. No Experience Required!

Yoga | Meditation | Journeying

Stay tuned for special events to expose beginners and advanced students to these widely practiced modalities for health,
flexibility and relaxation.

Our instructors include:
Guest Instructors Monthly

Most workshops and events are only
$20 unless noted.

Tai Chi | Quarterly Demo Practice

We want to bring the experience of Tai Chi to McKinney!
One of the major goals of Tai Chi is to circulate vital source energy throughout the entire body. This practice focuses on accumulating chi and opening the meridians for improved chi circulation, balance and well-being thereby nourishing the body and mind.

Cheng Ming, USA Instructors
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Workshops and Events

We offer affordable workshops and events for maximum participation and community involvement!

Our instructor varies depending on the topic and event requirements.

Most workshops and events are only $20 unless noted.

March 2020 Events and Workshops

5-Day Slim Down Challenge, and RainDrop Therapy!

Raindrop Technique

March 29th, 2020 | 2pm $15

Learn to heal your family and
yourself from within.

Know the best version of you!

Date: March 22nd 2020 | 2pm

5-Day Slim Down Challenge

March 28th, 2020 | 11am-12pm $45

Learn to Balance Blood Chemistry and Curb Appetite During this 5 Day Slim Down Challenge.
All instruction, accountability, guidelines and natural supplements provided.

No further commitment required. We teach how to sustain healthful lifestyle with tools that help make it easy.

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This is a safe space where we can have conversations about natural wellness. As a health coach and master herbalist,  I'll share LOTS of value for free.

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