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What’s So Great About Hemp Extract (or CBD)?

Without exaggeration, Hemp Extract is the single greatest natural compound in the plant world that has the ability to positively affect the entire human body.

Hemp Extract regulates the ECS (Endocannabinoid system) which regulates all the other bodily systems bringing your body back to homeostasis or balance so that the body can switch on its own ability to heal.

When the body starts to self regulate, heal and regenerate on its own it begins to experience optimal health.

Of course, nutrition, exercise and good healthy habits also play a part and should not be ignored.

Hemp Extract is the best and safest approach to a achieving a positive, systemic change in your overall health and wellness.

**Note: Using the term CBD isn’t quite accurate when talking about hemp extract. A top quality hemp extract contains 112+ cannabinoids, not just CBD which is only ONE cannabinoid in the plant. Fine+Well’s hemp products are phyto-cannabinoid rich and therefore able to affect the endocannabinoid system in a synergistic fashion. As a CBD educator, health coach and master herbalist we at Fine+Well have partnered with like minded farms who only employ organic practices and demand top quality 3rd party testing to ensure potency and purity for our products.

It’s Never Too Late To Start A More Natural Approach To Wellness

HEMP has the ability to affect a positive, systemic change within the body which means it is literally never too late to start a more natural approach to wellness.

Everyone’s health journey is an individual experience.

What works for one person may not work the exact same way for the next person.

This is completely natural.

Hemp is a plant and although you may be going through some of the exact same things as your neighbor or friend the plant may work differently for you than for them.

You’ll want to monitor any medication that you’re taking and stay in constant contact with your physician. There are rare occasions where hemp could have a pharmaceutical interaction but for most of us, it is completely safe with no worries to be had.

Most users experience a positive result within the first 1-7 days after starting with hemp extract.

If you have questions and likely you do. Talk to someone who is educated and more than willing to give you advice.

Hire a professional CBD Health Coach. Fine+Well stores have certified CBD Health Coaches on staff and offer free mini CBD health coaching sessions or you can schedule individual or group sessions.

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