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100% Organic, Third-Party Tested Hemp Extract 

Hemp Extract. Popularity has grown rapidly within recent years.  Are you ready to add Hemp oil to your daily routine?

Lemon Hemp Drops

1000mg | THC-Free Hemp/CBD Extract

Mint Hemp Drops

1000mg | THC-Free Hemp/CBD Extract

Simply Natural Drops

1000mg | THC-Free Hemp/CBD Extract

Fine + Well Organics, conveniently based in downtown St Pete, FL. We are mostly online but can also be found at vendor markets around the city. We’re here to help alleviate the confusion surrounding hemp/CBD extract. Hemp extract oil has been studied extensively. Talk to us.

Fine + Well Organics’ partner farm is in Colorado. We are 100% organic, high-quality, and 3rd party tested so that we may offer the best of the best hemp products for you and your pet. We have two certified Hemp/CBD Health Coaches and Master Herbalists on staff whose passion is to work with our clients to uncover the potential of adding hemp extract to your natural daily routine. Schedule your consultation today by calling 469-325-9574 or message us on Facebook.

Stress and Mood
Full-spectrum, full-plant hemp extract with 0.3% THC, which is the legal limit in all 50 states, plays a role in helping to normalize the body’s endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate all the bodily systems including the brain and central nervous system.
Hemp/CBD Extract

Full-spectrum, full-plant hemp extract with 0.3% THC is the legal in all 50 states.


Do you offer Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD?

We offer both Full and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Full Spectrum Hemp/CBD contains 0.3% THC which is the maximum legal amount of THC that can be present in hemp products.

Broad Spectrum Hemp/CBD has zero THC.

Remember not all Hemp/CBD products are created equal. We encourage your to ask questions and really get to know the quality of any product you consider.

We are available by email and Facebook messenger to answer basic questions. Reach out to see how we can help support your goals. We give honest and unbiased information so that you can make the best decision based on your desires.


Fine and Well Organics products are 100% natural and organic. No funny business or additives here.

We encourage you to be your own best health advocate. Read, ask questions and most importantly use your best judgement and discernment then do what feels right to you. Trust your body, it will provide signals for what it needs. It’s our job to listen and to take action that is in our own best interest.

We support individual health sovereignty and respect your right to make informed decisions. We will support you in any way we can.

Purchase a health coaching session here then email me at to schedule the best time.



Nutraceuticals and Biohacking

A fairly new scientific term, Nutrigenomics is a whole system approach that examines relationships between what we eat and our risk and response to disease and the molecular mediators – genes and gene expression and biomarkers, such as hormones or metabolites – between them.

Nutraceuticals are a food or supplement containing health-giving additives such as herbs or molecular components of plants and having medicinal benefits.

Biohacking is the desire to understand the body and mind you’ve been given and using everything at your disposal–cutting-edge technology, tools, and science–to become the best version of yourself.

Fine + Well has access to engineered science-backed, all-natural products, and resources to get you closer to meeting your individual goals and challenges every day.

Your Lab Work – Unlock Your Biological Data

Testing your blood gives you insight into the most important laboratory – your own body. Get baseline screening blood tests or decide to take a deeper dive by ordering from our menu of advanced biomarkers.

Easy 3-Step Process!

Our Lab Tests Online

Order for the tests you want with no physician visit required. Select from a menu of individual tests or choose one of our popular laboratory packages.

Local Blood Draw

Now its time to draw your blood and there is no appointment required. Choose from over 4,000 draw stations throughout the country.

Our Lab Tests Online

Results are available in as soon as 48 hours. Your lab report will provide valuable insights and help you better understand and optimize your personal health.

Unlock Your Biological Data

Discounted Direct Lab Testing at a 50-80% Savings

Want to measure your oxidative stress? Click ORDER NOW, LAB TESTING and choose Functional Medicine Testing. Then scroll down to Metabolic and choose Oxidative Stress Profile – by Genova.

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