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Located in St Petersburg Florida, Fine + Well Organics provides the tools, products, and knowledge to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. We offer a variety of high-quality products and services online and at our local pop up-markets, ranging from organic, all-natural hemp oil to Intuitive Transformational Health Coaching.   Our health coaches and master herbalists are available in person or online via Zoom to educate and share.  You can unlock Your body’s natural response simply by using science, nature, nutrition, and movement.

Local services are available for NeuroSomatic Bodywork and Energy Medicine. See more in our About Section.



We’re in the process of building out our complete online store. We have our most popular products featured on the SHOP tab! 

Have questions about our products or want to know more about our workshops or wellness sessions? Text/Call or drop us a note 512-426-7485 today to learn more. 

Our organic farm is located in Colorado. We’ve developed our own specially formulated and tested products and Fine + Well Organics carries only the best of the best hemp extract oils, topicals, and more for people and pets! Not sure if hemp extract is right for you? Contact us for individualized health coaching and information on all our products.   

Certified Hemp/CBD Health Coaches and Master Herbalists, Carlene Saelg, and Rita Davis are the proud owners of Fine + Well Organics. Both share a passion for providing clients with the proper tools and understanding needed to fully embrace and reap the benefits of a natural lifestyle. We offer a variety of workshops on topics, such as cellular activation, biohacking, pet health, and more. Book your group session today or call 512-426-7485 to schedule your private wellness session.    

Fine + Well Organics is the only place I’ll trust. Warm, friendly excellent service. Great knowledge with regard to their CBD products, which is of the highest quality and standards.

Then there are the clothes! Original and one of a kind allowing great freedom of expression. Love it! Fabulous Rita and Carlene, wishing you continued success.

 Carlene does an amazing job with intuitive NeuroSomatic energy healing too!

 -Isabelle A.

Fine & Well Organics is awesome. I visited them to get some CBD oil for my dog and they really helped me out understand my options and what I could expect. My dog was taking a cough suppressant from the vet and was not doing well at all. My daughter actually said he looked like he was waiting to die. NOW he’s eating again, playful and happy. He did not even want to go for car rides and now he runs to the door when he hears my keys!

– Pamela T.

The owners of Fine + Well Organics are serious about wellness on every level. They are very knowledgeable about all their products. I tried the topical CBD product. I’m in love with this stuff. This boutique also has unique clothing, jewelry and classes that my wife loves! If you are looking for a unique experience, you have to go into this cool place. 

– Kenneth B.

I purchased CBD oil from Fine and Well Organics and could not be happier!  I’m so thankful for this top quality CBD and the benefits.  Beyond that, these are very nice, knowledgeable and helpful ladies.  Beautiful one of a kind clothing (which I bought also), a great welcoming space.  Full package….highly recommended!

– Cynthia B.

Rita and Carlene are so sweet and very knowledgeable about all their products! They will make you feel so comfortable and really help you find the best products to fit your needs! Plus, it’s all completely organic and they are so hands-on in the making process that you can really trust you will be getting something great for your body! 10/10 recommend!

– Megan B.

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